look outside

i am so far away, but i’m always there, right there when you can see the exact spot in between blue and purple

my name is franz ferdinand august rieks, i’m born in 1998. i am a german composer, pianist, producer and pop music artist.

lila wolken&blauer regen

upcoming events_
  • 15th of october_9 p.m.
    choral und tanz | UA
    lange nacht der kultur heilbronn /
    tobias krieger (trumpet) & jhih-ting wong (piano)
    allee 18, 74072 heilbronn
  • 1st of december_
    particula | UA
    hochschule für musik hanns eisler berlin
  • 10th of december
    new piece | UA
    r!sk festival
    wolfgang-rihm-forum karlsruhe
  • 27th of january_7:30 p.m.
    choral und tanz
    concert of the composition classes rihm/hechtle
    MUTprobe 1 / hochschule für musik karlsruhe